New Year and New Goals 

So many people make these huge resolutions each year. Well, I don’t and that may be good or bad. I have things that are a work in progress. 

My goal is to always be a better wife and mother. One major thing I want to do better is stress less. I want to worry less about having a spotless house and just let things be sometimes. So what if clothes are on the sofa or if the table has a little dust. I’m beginning to realize some things can wait. The problem is I have to make myself sit down. I can’t stand disorder, dust,  and dirty dishes. So I’m a work in progress to relax more. You would think this would be easy,  right?

I want to visit a waterfall, go to the mountains, and plan a girl’s  weekend. Can you tell I want more relaxation this year? I think the whole family could do some different activities that are relaxing and more about nature. We are always so busy with sports and school.  

So hoping for a new year with new adventures. 


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