Insecurities or uncontrolled thoughts

Sometimes I have to control my thoughts and sometimes it can be pretty hard.  Even though I know things are good and we are where we are suppose to be past situations sometimes pop into my mind. It is a real struggle sometimes to shake off those thoughts and not be a bad mood. It will go into feeling insecure and doubting what you know is true.  It will be subtle reminders of something that happened. Usually it has nothing to do with my spouse currently but it can trigger from something on television or something someone says in my presence. Sometimes the least little thing will take me eight years back and then I have to calm myself because I feel angry or hurt. Oh and those “what if ” thoughts can really mess up things.

Well lets be honest, trust and marriage is work. It is work even in the best of times so  you know it is work in the midst of trouble.  Marriage is not for the weak. So rebuilding a marriage is definitely not for the weak. It takes perseverance, patience, trust, communication, love, and lots of listening. It takes getting to understand each other triggers. It takes patience on the one that has caused the rift in  the relationship.

When my mind starts to go way out in left field, I have to remind things are different. I have to remind myself he is here and has given me no reasons to second guess him. When I wake up every morning it is his arms around me and there is no place I rather be.

I believe it is spiritual as with many personal things each one of us deals with. We all have something that we are dealing with and knowing when it is an spiritual attack can really make a difference. Yes, it is my mind or your mind; however, it is an attack on our peace of mind that we have to  bring into submission.  Also, knowing and recognizing what is present in your life.


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