Date Nights

Date nights are refreshing and rejuvenating. Whether you spend it together or with other couples.  It is nice to just have grown up fun, laughs and to eat in peace.  I know at first it may seem selfish to leave the kids but couples need time without the children. If not you risk losing  what bought you together.  Keeping your marriage and relationship fun and finding common interest can save a marriage.

When we were going through a rough time eight years ago we started working out together. I will be honest and say that it save our marriage. We went to classes and worked out alone together. We encourage each other and soon we began getting over the issue that had almost tore us apart.  Now the children are old enough to stay at home a few hours while we go out.

If you have to try to find a sitter but at least once a month make it date night if only for a couple of hours.  If you can not get out put the kids to bed early. Light some candles and have a nice dinner without television. Go for a walk or meet for lunch. But whatever you do make it about you two. I had to realize its true what they say. The kids will move out and you two will be at home alone one day. You do not want the only interest to be your kids because when they are gone what will you have? Just a little food for thought from a mom of three children.


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