Be a woman about your business but don’t be cruel or insensitive…

I have noticed that many times women do not like to help other women. I think it is ridiculous to not want to help someone succeed especially if you have gotten to a successful point in your career.  It is a terrible thing to tear another woman down or speak down to them about their successes. You are displaying jealousy and it is very unappealing. It is great to be about your business but you should always want to build up someone else. Just because you may be scared to step out of your comfort zone never speak negative to someone who is trying to move out theirs. Remember you didn’t get to where you are alone. Someone gave you a chance at some point that was a stepping stone no matter how small that stone may have been. Be a mentor, be a leader, be an example of a woman that knows her worth and ability to help.  Don’t be afraid that someone may out do you because if you are good at what you do then you will be just fine.


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