Twenty-four years From high school to now…

My husband and I have been together since high school.  A few people we know have been with their high school sweetheart or college love since the beginning.  Now we had our arguments and blow ups especially early on. You know in high school those arguments that make you feel like your whole world is falling down because you don’t know any better. Honestly, do we really know love at that age.  We think we do but not really. But then that “puppy love” starts to develop into something else.  We find ourselves in new territory.

The older we get the more things get serious.  The reactions we have to situations become more serious and we start to evaluate each other. The older we get the more we evaluate our love and time. We begin to want more and begin to develop strengths. We begin to accept less excuses and see our worth.

Now twenty four years later, sixteen years of marriage, three children later we understand each other and love each other like we never knew could exist. Through all the lies, hurt, laughs, cries, prayers, and happy moments we are content. We know what we have in each other. We know what it feels like  to be on the verge of losing one another. We know what it means to fight for the one you love. We know what it means to sacrifice. We understand unconditional love, for better or worse, sickness, and health.

We have seen each other grow up basically. We are each others best friend. What a difference twenty four years can make.


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