Yikes, seven days of busy…

As a Mom we are always trying to take care of someone other than ourselves.

I have three very active children and this week is no different than any other week. Except we have an activity every evening all the way through Sunday. Yikes!  This was my thought as I realized that statement this morning. Seven days of busy evenings on top of working all day.

Thank goodness, my next class doesn’t start until next Monday. Yes, I said class. I am also taking online grad classes.  So how do I stay sane??? Organization is key.

For weeks like this. I currently have two crockpot meals going. This should last until Friday along with a baked chicken.  The best thing ever is crockpot cooking. You can make your family healthy large meals and not have to stay in the kitchen.  My favorite go to meals are soups and beans. Lets just say  Pinterest has saved me this year.  There are some fabulous recipes on pinterest.

I do laundry every night.  But that is usually sports stuff. On Thursday, I begin the weekly laundry. When the children get home on Friday’s they help fold.  I will finish up whatever is left. I have a personal rule of no housework on weekends. So Friday’s are also my get the house back in order night. While they are at practice I clean.

Okay, I have to be honest. I don’t do it alone. Although I know many that do. I applaud you because with two of us and my mother it gets crazy sometimes.  My husband will help with whatever he can depending on what time he gets home. My mom may pick someone up as well.

Want to know what I do when I have classes?

I try to  do those during lunch break or in the evening from 9 to 10.  At nine the children are in bed and by 10 I can snuggle up to my husband.  On the weekends I get up early, and get in about 3 to 4 hours.  It is all about balance and organization.

When do I get my me time?

I telework once week. I work but I also watch my favorite television shows.  By telecommuting I can run out after my 8 hours to the mall for and hour before the kids get home. I may buy myself a new outfit or get a manicure.

I do however realize I need to make more time for exercise. But it is all a work in process….

Some weeks are easier than others. In the long run,  I just want the kids to know we gave them every opportunity to try something. The one thing they are not lacking is social skills. They are outgoing, intelligent, and go getters.  Okay, I may be a little bias but its true.





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