Get to know me in a glimpse…

I want to tell you a little about me today. I will share more and more as the days go on of course. I have been married sixteen years. I work full time and am taking online classes while balancing husband and children.

We are at a point in our marriage that I honestly didn’t think I would see.  We have overcome faith issues, financial struggles, trust issues, unemployment, infidelity, eviction and other things that many people can identify with. All these problems we kept mostly between us. There are things neither of our parents or friends know. That is probably why we were able to work through so much.

I started this blog of a way to speak about my life in hopes that it may help others.  This blog comes on the eighth anniversary of an event that rocked my world that I will share in the future.  Eight years ago I never thought I would be happy with my spouse. Matter of fact I was pretty much at a lets call it quits attitude.

However, fate, God, or whatever you want to call it had something different in mind. We began working on our marriage.  It got stronger and we were on a path to healing. Then four years later we were at a point of struggle again. I thought to myself why. Why and what is it about me? Well, it wasn’t about me which took me a long time to realize.  He earned back my trust gradually and now it has been four years of the marriage I always wanted.

Sometimes the past tries to sneak up in my mind and I have to learn to control my thoughts.  Do I have insecurities sometimes…of course. But I look at what he is doing now that is different from the person he used to be. I know they are just insecurities and nothing more. I wish that our marriage would have been this much earlier.  But what’s done is done and all we can do is learn from it and be better than we were.

Now I am focused on my MBA and being the best wife and mother I can be.  Is it hard to balance…. MY GOD YES. However, with support from my husband and mother we get it done. My children are 15, 11, and 9, so this also helps now.  They see me working hard so they work hard. While I study sometimes my daughter sits with me and draws. They are not missing out because they get to do all their activities and we are at all events. What does that mean for me? Late Friday nights studying , early weekend morning studying, and lunch break studying.  I still have time to be a wife to my husband so he not neglected. Yes, even with all that we have time for each other every night.  I still help with homework. We both cook. To help me out he will have someone come in and clean occasionally or either he will help with that as well.  We are at a point now that it just flows.

Some people say you balance all this….I say you can and its possible. A little coffee and wine doesn’t hurt either .

So I know this was a lot and somewhat of a ramble but I wanted to give you a glimpse into me and what’s to come.



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