Is a hug too much for someone to ask?

I sit and listen to women of all ages talk about their significant others. I hear about how he wants a hug every morning and how they just leave and say bye. They say such things as I don’t need to hug him everyday.  Maybe I am old fashioned but is something as simple as a hug too much to ask? 
Women we have needs and love attention as much as most men. Yes, I understand being tired but we have to continue to work on our marriages/ relationships.  Honestly, I feel incomplete with saying goodbye, hugging, and kissing my spouse. Life is too short. It is okay to show love to your spouse. Especially, if you have a good spouse.
We have to ask ourselves, when we don’t feel love how does it make us feel?
Now don’t get me wrong if he is mean and degrading, I can understand not wanting to be affectionate. However, why still be with this person because now you are making yourself miserable.
But if you have a good spouse show love and make him feel wanted. In return he will show you even more love.  You will also hear “No” less when you want something or want to go somewhere. A man will do more for you when he knows you are  appreciative.




One thought on “Is a hug too much for someone to ask?

  1. So as I was ending the post my husband text me to come downstairs of my office building. He usually works during the week but surprised me by taking me to lunch. His response was “I was off today and we used to do this all the time.” My point is he knows I appreciate little things like that and I try my best not to deny him attention. It is the little things that can make the biggest difference in a relationship.


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