Welcome to Hugs, Hardtimes, and Heartache. A site for women and family discussions.

Let’s find that Superwoman Strength we all have hidden and begin to see breakthrough together.

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Hugs, Hardtimes, and Heartache 

I want to connect with women who don’t always feel they live up to society and social media’s expectations.

This is a blog for women that have been through the ups and downs of marriage. It’s okay to say you have had financial, marriage,  intimacy, or spiritual problems.  It’s okay to say motherhood is beautiful but sometimes you want to scream. It is okay to say marriage is hard sometimes. It is not always easy but it is a testimony of commitment.

This is a blog for women needing support, whether married or single. As a mother and wife there is a possibility of balance. We will discuss finding our superwoman strength.

#women #family #parenting

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Please email me at hugshardtimesandheartache@gmail.com for questions or topic request.